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Appearances 20 (12 finals)
First appearance #13
Best result 1st: #15
Worst result 16th (SF): #17, #20

User Foobibby has participated in Redditvision Song Contest 20 times since their debut in edition 13.

Their best result was in edition 15 with Alice Merton - "No Roots", which came 1st and therefore won with 168 points. They declined hosting the following edition which instead passed on to u/Spooky Squid and Saint Lucia.

They also currently hold the record for Worst Entry in their edition 17 entry, "Trashdove" by Vasilije, a feat it shares with the Turkish entry "Beni benimle bırak".


Table key
  First place
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Country Language Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate from #1 to #12
#13 PolandFlag.png Poland English Gia Koka "Not Going Home" Did not qualify 11 49
#14 MongoliaFlag.png Mongolia Spanish Luis Fonsi (ft. Daddy Yankee) "Despacito" 15 12
#15 GermanyFlag.png Germany English Alice Merton "No Roots" 1 168 1 150
#16 NIrelandFlag.png Northern Ireland English Foxes "Body Talk" 19 80 Automatic qualifier
#17 MontenegroFlag.png Montenegro English Vasilije "Trashdove" Did not qualify 16 7
#18 IrelandFlag.png Ireland English Parson James "Sinner Like You" 11 61
#19 ScotlandFlag.png Scotland English Tom Walker "Leave A Light On" 26 60 6 81
#20 Coted'IvoireFlag.png Côte d'Ivoire English Stephanie Rainey "100 Like Me" Did not qualify 16 44
SE2 MozambiqueFlag.png Mozambique Portuguese, Tswa Samito "Tiku La Hina" 4 140 3 94
#21 IrelandFlag.png Ireland English Aly Ryan "No Parachute" 27 69 2 82
#22 MaltaFlag.png Malta English Half The Animal "Bad Bad Love" Did not qualify 11 49
#23 EnglandFlag.png England English Weezer "Feels Like Summer" 21 85 2 137
#24 ComorosFlag.png Comoros English Bayonne "I Know" 17 87 7 106
#25 MoroccoFlag.png Morocco English All Tvvins "Darkest Ocean" 22 95 5 121
#26 PeruFlag.png Peru English machineheart "Overgrown" 11 112 1 163
#27 EnglandFlag.png England English Confidence Man "Better Sit Down Boy" Did not qualify 11 88
#28 JapanFlag.png Japan English The Japanese House "Maybe You're The Reason" 9 136 5 126
#29 CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica English Bad Suns "Salt" Did not qualify 10 93
#30 BoliviaFlag.png Bolivia English M83 "Midnight City" 7 147 1 141
SE3 IrelandFlag.png Ireland English Orla Gartland "Flatline" Automatic qualifier

12 points given


Edition Country User Artist Song
#13 BosniaAndHerzegovinaFlag.png Bosnia and Herzegovina u/feimir Adna Living
#14 RussiaFlag.png Russia u/IdahoSciGuy Sonia Ukhodi
#15 CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica u/SeptimiaZenobia Magpie Jay Red Carnation
#16 BoliviaFlag.png Bolivia u/Azzbestos Sir Sly High
#17 SwitzerlandFlag.png Switzerland u/jockey01 Arctic Monkeys Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
#18 NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand u/IdahoSciGuy Ben Hazlewood Wanted
#19 IcelandFlag.png Iceland u/Sam_Esc Kate Boy Northern Lights
#20 EnglandFlag.png England u/Bowman3058 Isador Jungle
SE2 SomaliaFlag.png Somalia u/theofficialruar Amaal Nuux Last Ones
#21 AntiguaAndBarbudaFlag.png Antigua and Barbuda u/Jamie_on_Reddit Dan Owen Hideaway
#22 IndonesiaFlag.png Indonesia u/FlohNumba1 Holland I'm So Afraid
#23 AzerbaijanFlag.png Azerbaijan u/ZwissDa2nd Sundara Karma Flame
#24 PortugalFlag.png Portugal u/Zxnth Moullinex Take My Pain Away
#25 ChileFlag.png Chile u/Jamie_on_Reddit The Ambition Thirty Thousand Feet
#26 StLuciaFlag.png Saint Lucia u/Spooky_Squid Vancouver Sleep Clinic Someone To Stay
#27 BrazilFlag.png Brazil u/bvsil LÉON You and I
#28 EnglandFlag.png England u/GThing64 Georgia About Work the Dancefloor
#29 ChileFlag.png Chile u/boapessoa Lau Nau Elina
#30 IcelandFlag.png Iceland u/Bowman3058 Family of Things Harm