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Appearances 25 (20 finals)
First appearance #5
Best result 1st: #13, #24
Worst result 11th (SF): #21

User AwesomeJoshua has participated in the Redditvision Song Contest 25 times since their debut in the fifth edition of the contest. They won twice, in edition 13 with the song "Edge of the Night" by Sheppard as well as in edition 24 with "Keeping Your Head Up" by Birdy.


Table key
  First place
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Country Language Artist Title Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate in #1 to #4
#5 EstoniaFlag.png Estonia English Lenna Kuurmaa "Slingshot" Did not qualify 10 65
#6 BelgiumFlag.png Belgium English Julian Perretta (ft. The Magician) "Tied Up" 11 84 5 96
#7 NetherlandsFlag.png The Netherlands English Emilie Brandt "The Living" 3 106 3 103
#8 VaticanCityFlag.png Vatican City English Elevation Worship "O Come To The Altar" 25 28 Automatic qualifier
#9 LuxembourgFlag.png Luxembourg French Sidoine "On ne vit qu'une fois" Withdrawn [1]
Did not participate from #10 to #12
#13 PNGFlag.png Papua New Guinea English Sheppard "Edge Of The Night" 1 173 3 85
#14 PNGFlag.png Papua New Guinea English Sleeping at Last "Sun" 12 103 Automatic qualifier
#15 DenmarkFlag.png Denmark English Kadie Elder "First Time He Kissed A Boy" 12 92 6 81
#16 UkraineFlag.png Ukraine English Brunettes Shoot Blondes "Hips" 8 129 3 106
#17 SeychellesFlag.png Seychelles English Emilie Brandt "Unspoken" 6 124 3 90
#18 ItalyFlag.png Italy English Sufjan Stevens "Mystery Of Love" 25 49 Automatic qualifier
#19 AustriaFlag.png Austria English MYNTH "Mirrors" 5 142 5 81
#20 AustriaFlag.png Austria English Leyya "Zoo" 15 111 Automatic qualifier
SE2 UnitedArabEmiratesFlag.png United Arab Emirates English Esther Eden "Blue Case" Did not qualify 10 52
#21 EnglandFlag.png England English Rae Morris "Do It" 11 65
#22 AustriaFlag.png Austria English Maggie Rogers "Fallingwater" 23 77 6 74
#23 UnitedStatesFlag.png United States English Gallant "Weight In Gold" 27 62 4 130
#24 EnglandFlag.png England English Birdy "Keeping Your Head Up" 1 152 3 145
#25 EnglandFlag.png England English Billie Eilish "watch" 17 111 Automatic qualifier
#26 EnglandFlag.png England English M.I.A. "Bad Girls" 15 99 2 133
#27 FranceFlag.png France French, English Elephanz (ft. Eugénie) "Maryland" 14 108 1 156
#28 SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea Korean, English TWICE "Fancy" 26 79 4 126
#29 AustriaFlag.png Austria English Leyya "Wannabe" 3 167 1 178
#30 AustraliaFlag.png Australia English HONNE & Izzy Bizu "Someone That Loves You" 5 156 Automatic qualifier
SE3 UnitedStatesFlag.png United States English MishCatt "Another Dimension" Did not qualify

  • Note 1 - They withdrew during the semi-final voting period.

National Final

Redditvision Song Contest 5 - "Eesti Laul - Second Chances"

Representing Estonia, they hosted a national final containing 9 songs. It was a concept national final titled "Eesti Laul - Second Chances", where all songs had lost at the Eesti Laul Eurovision National Selection.

Artist Title Points Rank
Liis Lemsalu "Keep Running" 36 6
Whogaux & Karl-Kristian (ft. Maian) "Have You Now" 9 8
Lenna Kuurmaa "Slingshot" 72 1
Daniel Levi "All I Need" 34 7
Elina Born "In Or Out" 56 2
Ivo Linna "Suur Loterii" 56 2
Rasmus Rändvee "This Love" 46 4
Ariadne "Feel Me Now" 44 5
Kerli "Spirit Animal" 50 3

Redditvision Song Contest 17 - "ten"

Representing Seychelles, they hosted a national final containing 9 songs. It was a concept national final titled "ten", with all of their past artists returning with a different song.

Artist Title Points Rank
Lenna Kuurmaa Suvehommik Setumaal 72 8
Julian Peretta That's All 79 7
Emilie Brandt Unspoken 154 1
Elevation Worship Uncontainable Love 69 9
Sidoine La chaleur 120 4
Coming Home Sheppard 131 2
Sleeping at Last Lullaby 99 6
Kadie Elder Kids On The Moon 117 5
Brunettes Shoot Blondes You've Got To Move 131 2

Redditvision Song Contest 20 - "The Austrian NF"

Representing Austria, they hosted a national final containing 2 songs. It only contained the artist "Leyya", and the jury voters had to choose between two songs.

Artist Title Points
Leyya "Superego" 8
Leyya "Zoo" 19

12 points

# Final Semi-final
Country User Artist Title Country User Artist Title
#5 UnitedStatesFlag.png United States u/feimir Sleeping At Last "Saturn" ItalyFlag.png Italy u/CJorex Arisa "Controvento"
#6 PolandFlag.png Poland u/Kubgge Sylwia Grzeszczak "Tamta dziewczyna" WalesFlag.png Wales u/Fingrpaint Ella Eyre "Comeback"
#7 PortugalFlag.png Portugal u/chikabow HMB (ft. Carminho) "O Amor É Assim" SpainFlag.png Spain u/Spirit697 Alvaro Soler "Volar"
#8 PolandFlag.png Poland u/Kubgge Sylwia Grzeszczak "Karuzela" PolandFlag.png Poland u/Kubgge Sylwia Grzeszczak "Karuzela"
#13 JapanFlag.png Japan u/IdahoSciGuy BRADIO "Flyers" EstoniaFlag.png Estonia u/_xSyracuse Vera Blue "Private"
#14 BahamasFlag.png The Bahamas u/Kaylaboe Bombay Bicycle Club "Luna" FranceFlag.png France u/estoniass Joyce Jonathan & Vianney "Les filles d'aujourd'hui"
#15 StLuciaFlag.png Saint Lucia u/Spooky_Squid Fickle Friends "Swim" EnglandFlag.png England u/ani_shira Maty Noyes "London"
#16 NicaraguaFlag.png Nicaragua u/jimbaux Glass Animals "Life Itself" NicaraguaFlag.png Nicaragua u/jimbaux Glass Animals "Life Itself"
#17 NorwayFlag.png Norway u/theofficialruar Belle and Sebastian "The Party Line" VenezuelaFlag.png Venezuela u/BiPolarBear17 Becky Hill "Rude Love"
#18 CanadaFlag.png Canada u/BiPolarBear17 Half Moon Run "Call Me In The Afternoon" PalauFlag.png Palau u/qyzxf St. Vincent "Pills"
#19 IsraelFlag.png Israel u/ani_shira KADEBOSTANY "Castle In The Snow" VaticanCityFlag.png Vatican City u/BiPolarBear17 HANA "Avalanche"
#20 UnitedStatesFlag.png United States u/BiPolarBear17 Maggie Rogers "Alaska" CanadaFlag.png Canada u/ani_shira MUNA "I Know A Place"
SE2 JamaicaFlag.png Jamaica u/alexkaragaya Lianne La Havas "What You Don't Do" ChileFlag.png Chile u/Dugly_Uckling Francisca Valenzuela "Tómame"
#21 NicaraguaFlag.png Nicaragua u/jimbaux Hippo Campus "Bambi" CanadaFlag.png Canada u/Azzbestos Perfume Genius "Slip Away"
#22 StKittsAndNevisFlag.png Saint Kitts and Nevis u/BiPolarBear17 Mahalia "I Wish I Missed My Ex" NorwayFlag.png Norway u/jimbaux Vilma Alina, Nelli Matula, Sini Yasemin & Ida Paul "Tyynysotaa"
#23 ScotlandFlag.png Scotland u/ani_shira Hurts "Beautiful Ones" SwedenFlag.png Sweden u/Dugly_Uckling Heize "Don't Know You"
NauruFlag.png Nauru u/Jamie_on_Reddit Spencer Sutherland "Tell Me"
ScotlandFlag.png Scotland u/ani_shira Hurts "Beautiful Ones"
#24 SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea u/_xSyracuse Lee Jin-Ah (ft. Gray) "Run" SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea u/_xSyracuse Lee Jin-Ah (ft. Gray) "Run"
BahamasFlag.png The Bahamas u/Kaylaboe Fieh "Glu"
SaudiArabiaFlag.png Saudi Arabia u/Effy-Was-Taken Rachel York "I Hate Men"
#25 IndiaFlag.png India u/EmiliaLily Nerina Pallot "Man Didn't Walk On The Moon" IndiaFlag.png India u/EmiliaLily Nerina Pallot "Man Didn't Walk On The Moon"
PalauFlag.png Palau u/qyzxf Broods "Everything Goes (Wow)"
AustriaFlag.png Austria u/Bowman3058 Fyfe (ft. Kimbra) "Belong"
#26 AustraliaFlag.png Australia u/jimbaux LION BABE "Where Do We Go" NorthKoreaFlag.png North Korea u/Lordie_Staven pH-1 "Flaker"
BahamasFlag.png The Bahamas u/Kaylaboe Moses Sumney "Quarrel"
SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea u/ShellEase gugudan "The Boots"
#27 KyrgyzstanFlag.png Kyrgyzstan u/EmiliaLily Yves "new" DominicaFlag.png Dominica u/ZwissDa2nd Teddy Adhitya "Why Would I Be"
PortugalFlag.png Portugal u/Lime_Berry London Grammar "Non Believer"
MauritiusFlag.png Mauritius u/justlyra St. Vincent "Marrow"
#28 AlbaniaFlag.png Albania u/justlyra Mitski "Happy" NorthKoreaFlag.png North Korea u/_xSyracuse Hyolyn (ft. Gray) "Dally (효린)"
RussiaFlag.png Russia u/Franky494 Zedd (ft. Foxes) "Clarity"
NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand u/therealmatthewlam Hippo Campus "South"