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Redditvision Song Contest 29
"Follow the Light"
Country claiming 1 – 5 July 2019
Song submission 6 – 12 July 2019
Semi-finals 14 – 20 July 2019
Final 22 – 28 July 2019
Live show 29 July 2019 –
Host city PalauFlag.png Ngereklmadel, Palau
Host u/qyzxf
Number of entries 66
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points to their 10 favorite songs.
Redditvision Song Contest
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Redditvision Song Contest 29 is the twenty-ninth ordinary and thirty-first overall edition of the Redditvision Song Contest. It will be hosted by u/qyzxf in Ngereklmadel, Palau after their win in the previous edition, with the song "Our Own House" by MisterWives.


66 participants signed up for the edition. This was the first edition where the waiting list was used.

This was the first edition u/ShellEase and u/FlohNumba1 didn't participate in. Another significant withdrawal from the contest was u/Kastenbrot2, who had participated in every edition except for the first edition.

National finals

Returning artists

Country Artist Song Previous appearances
StLuciaFlag.png Saint Lucia FINNEAS "I Lost A Friend" #26 (for UnitedStatesFlag.png United States)
#27 (for StLuciaFlag.png Saint Lucia)
IndonesiaFlag.png Indonesia Muse "The Dark Side" #8 (for IrelandFlag.png Ireland)
BosniaAndHerzegovinaFlag.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Frøder "Over the Sea" #24 (for NorwayFlag.png Norway, as featuring artist)
CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica Bad Suns "Salt" #21 (for BoliviaFlag.png Bolivia)
CanadaFlag.png Canada The Score "Legend" #16 (for IrelandFlag.png Ireland)
MalaysiaFlag.png Malaysia EDEN "Start//end" #16 (for ChinaFlag.png China, previously known as "The Eden Project")
#17 (for ChinaFlag.png China, previously known as "The Eden Project")
LiechtensteinFlag.png Liechtenstein Aurora "The River" #8 (for NorwayFlag.png Norway)
#27 (for BhutanFlag.png Bhutan)
BrazilFlag.png Brazil INNA "Tu Manera" #23 (for BahrainFlag.png Bahrain)
AustriaFlag.png Austria Leyya "Wannabe" #20 (for AustriaFlag.png Austria)
NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand alt-J "Dissolve Me" #22 (for ScotlandFlag.png Scotland)
SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea R.Tee, Anda "What You Waiting For" #25 (for SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea, Anda as one of the main artists)
SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia Lina Mayer "So High" #6 (for SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia)
#25 (for SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia)
IcelandFlag.png Iceland Kailee Morgue "Siren" #18 (for TrinidadAndTobagoFlag.png Trinidad and Tobago)
PalauFlag.png Palau Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat" SE2 (for NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand)
#27 (for AustraliaFlag.png Australia, as featuring artist)
JapanFlag.png Japan Red Velvet "Peek-A-Boo" #23 (for StKittsAndNevisFlag.png Saint Kitts and Nevis)


Semi-final 1

Cuba and Palau voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country User Language Artist Song Place Points
1 SpainFlag.png Spain u/Musicmonkey02 English CamelPhat, Cristoph (ft. Jem Cooke) "Breathe"
2 SamoaFlag.png Samoa u/pavlovicmihailo6 English Alex Lucas "Honey"
3 IrelandFlag.png Ireland u/Lilla- English Catherine McGrath "Wild"
4 FijiFlag.png Fiji u/ZwissDa2nd English Agar Agar "Sorry About The Carpet"
5 EastTimorFlag.png East Timor u/pishmagma English Millie Turner "The Shadow"
6 ItalyFlag.png Italy u/estoniass Italian Levante "Gesù Cristo sono io"
7 ScotlandFlag.png Scotland u/Franky494 English Emeli Sandé "Hurts"
8 StLuciaFlag.png Saint Lucia u/Spooky_Squid English FINNEAS "I Lost A Friend"
9 BulgariaFlag.png Bulgaria u/mowgli1015 English Marian Hill "Down"
10 BahrainFlag.png Bahrain u/-MaxK- English Cobi "Church Of The Lonely"
11 LuxembourgFlag.png Luxembourg u/jimbaux English Hayden James (ft. Running Touch) "Better Together"
12 FranceFlag.png France u/DavidESCIre French Arcadian "Petit à Petit"
13 UnitedStatesFlag.png United States u/j_tennant English Madeon (ft. Passion Pit) "Pay No Mind"
14 MarshallIslandsFlag.png Marshall Islands u/Lordie_Staven English Porter Robinson & Imaginary Cities "Hear The Bells"
15 SwedenFlag.png Sweden u/Saarr- English ionnalee "Not Human"
16 SanMarinoFlag.png San Marino u/alexkaragaya English Merk & Kremont, Ady Suleiman "Sad Story (Out Of Luck)"
17 LatviaFlag.png Latvia u/secondwarm English Yumi Zouma "Bruise"
18 IndonesiaFlag.png Indonesia u/DoddyTV English Muse "The Dark Side"
19 NetherlandsFlag.png The Netherlands u/SergeyJorjaStan English Thomas Azier "Red Eyes"
20 EthiopiaFlag.png Ethiopia u/daboswinney123 English Lil Nas X "C7osure (You Like)" Disqualified

Semi-final 2

Belgium and Japan voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country User Language Artist Song Place Points
1 GabonFlag.png Gabon u/arctos889 English Ramin Karimloo "Empty Chairs At Empty Tables"
2 BosniaAndHerzegovinaFlag.png Bosnia and Herzegovina u/201- English Frøder "Over the Sea"
3 CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica u/Foobibby English Bad Suns "Salt"
4 CanadaFlag.png Canada u/theofficialruar English The Score "Legend"
5 UnitedArabEmiratesFlag.png United Arab Emirates u/ItAintUnique English Dutch Melrose (ft. Lacey James) "Ride 4 U"
6 MalaysiaFlag.png Malaysia u/ChocolateDonut1 English EDEN "Start//end"
7 BotswanaFlag.png Botswana u/DylanSlayChallenge English Nimmo "Too Late"
8 LiechtensteinFlag.png Liechtenstein u/theGarden530 English Aurora "The River"
9 NorthMacedoniaFlag.png North Macedonia u/DepStrider French Laurence Nerbonne "Semblant"
10 GhanaFlag.png Ghana u/SeptimiaZenobia English Benjamin Clementine "I Won't Complain"
11 BrazilFlag.png Brazil u/PhillipsBM Spanish INNA "Tu Manera"
12 UzbekistanFlag.png Uzbekistan u/Traffia English Foals "In Degrees" Disqualified
13 AustriaFlag.png Austria u/AwesomeJoshua English Leyya "Wannabe"
14 GermanyFlag.png Germany u/Bowman3058 English Shey Baba "Vertigo"
15 NorwayFlag.png Norway u/Fingrpaint English Rat City (ft. Isak Heim) "Kind of Love"
16 ColombiaFlag.png Colombia u/EmiliaLily English Mars Argo "Using You"
17 EstoniaFlag.png Estonia u/19MartiN95 English Felicia Barton "DuckTales"
18 VenezuelaFlag.png Venezuela u/Sam_Esc English Clews "Crushed"
19 NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand u/therealmatthewlam English alt-J "Dissolve Me"
20 KosovoFlag.png Kosovo u/ApostolisKKK English Toulouse "Found"

Semi-final 3

Barbados and England voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country User Language Artist Song Place Points
1 NauruFlag.png Nauru u/Chickflopia English Oliver Spalding "Epoch"
2 CookIslandsFlag.png Cook Islands u/TrueHrafninn English Traveling Wilburys "Wilbury Twist"
3 AndorraFlag.png Andorra u/Jamie_on_Reddit English GiiRL "Bloodshed"
4 ZimbabweFlag.png Zimbabwe u/lewimart English Martin Solveig (ft. Tkay Maidza) "Do It Right"
5 TongaFlag.png Tonga u/GeorgeESC English Catfish & The Bottlemen "Longshot"
6 PortugalFlag.png Portugal u/getdeezcookies English FKA twigs "Cellophane"
7 LibyaFlag.png Libya u/justlyra English Ivy Levan "Biscuit"
8 SouthKoreaFlag.png South Korea u/BebeLuigi Korean, English R.Tee, Anda "What You Waiting For"
9 ChileFlag.png Chile u/boapessoa Finnish Lau Nau "Elina"
10 SingaporeFlag.png Singapore u/Awsumsminion English Max (ft. Quinn XCII) "Love Me Less"
11 TajikistanFlag.png Tajikistan u/Amyesc Polish Natalia Nykiel "Total Błękit"
12 MontenegroFlag.png Montenegro u/bvsil English BENEE "Evil Spider"
13 MicronesiaFlag.png Micronesia u/_xSyracuse English Call Me Karizma "Rebels"
14 BahamasFlag.png The Bahamas u/Kaylaboe English Duckwrth (ft. Sabrina Claudio) "I'm Dead"
15 SwitzerlandFlag.png Switzerland u/itisdia English Salt Ashes "Save It"
16 SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia u/Tiko_Yates English Lina Mayer "So High"
17 FinlandFlag.png Finland u/alleenmaarliefde English Twentyseven "In Eternity"
18 AustraliaFlag.png Australia u/stardust112 English Sam Bluer "Body High"
19 DenmarkFlag.png Denmark u/GThing64 English DAVID44 "I feel better on my own"
20 IcelandFlag.png Iceland u/DIalecticalMaterial English Kailee Morgue "Siren"

Grand final

Draw Country User Language Artist Song Place Points
AQ PalauFlag.png Palau u/qyzxf English Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat"
AQ CubaFlag.png Cuba u/BiPolarBear17 English Corinne Bailey Rae "Green Aphrodisiac"
AQ JapanFlag.png Japan u/Zxnth Korean, English Red Velvet "Peek-A-Boo"
AQ BelgiumFlag.png Belgium u/alt0fctrl English Champs "Solid Action"
AQ EnglandFlag.png England u/Dugly_Uckling English Laura Marling "Soothing"
AQ BarbadosFlag.png Barbados u/Bongo9911 Korean, English PENTAGON "Sha La La"


Semi-final 1

10 voters from the other semi-finals voted in semi-final 1. As this was under the threshold of 11 voters needed to convert the points down, the points were kept as they came in.

Semi-final 1
Place Internal Points External Points
3 LuxembourgFlag.png Luxembourg
4 SpainFlag.png Spain
5 FranceFlag.png France BulgariaFlag.png Bulgaria
9 ScotlandFlag.png Scotland
10 EastTimorFlag.png East Timor IndonesiaFlag.png Indonesia
11 IrelandFlag.png Ireland
12 SpainFlag.png Spain MarshallIslandsFlag.png Marshall Islands
13 LuxembourgFlag.png Luxembourg NetherlandsFlag.png The Netherlands
14 ScotlandFlag.png Scotland EastTimorFlag.png East Timor
15 NetherlandsFlag.png The Netherlands UnitedStatesFlag.png United States
16 BulgariaFlag.png Bulgaria
17 MarshallIslandsFlag.png Marshall Islands
18 IndonesiaFlag.png Indonesia FranceFlag.png France
19 UnitedStatesFlag.png United States IrelandFlag.png Ireland

Semi-final 2

Only 8 voters from the other semi-finals voted in semi-final 1. As this was under the threshold of 11 voters needed to convert the points down, the points were kept as they came in.

Semi-final 2
Place Internal Points External Points
4 BosniaAndHerzegovinaFlag.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 NorwayFlag.png Norway
7 CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica
9 BosniaAndHerzegovinaFlag.png Bosnia and Herzegovina UnitedArabEmiratesFlag.png United Arab Emirates
10 NorwayFlag.png Norway
11 EstoniaFlag.png Estonia NorthMacedoniaFlag.png North Macedonia
13 MalaysiaFlag.png Malaysia NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand
14 BotswanaFlag.png Botswana CanadaFlag.png Canada
15 UnitedArabEmiratesFlag.png United Arab Emirates EstoniaFlag.png Estonia
16 NewZealandFlag.png New Zealand CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica
17 GabonFlag.png Gabon BotswanaFlag.png Botswana
18 CanadaFlag.png Canada MalaysiaFlag.png Malaysia
19 NorthMacedoniaFlag.png North Macedonia GabonFlag.png Gabon

Semi-final 3

11 voters from the other semi-finals voted in semi-final 1. As this was exactly half the number of internal voters (22), there was no need to scale down the points.

Semi-final 3
Place Internal Points External Points
3 IcelandFlag.png Iceland
8 SwitzerlandFlag.png Switzerland
9 AndorraFlag.png Andorra TongaFlag.png Tonga
10 LibyaFlag.png Libya
11 SwitzerlandFlag.png Switzerland MontenegroFlag.png Montenegro
12 SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia
13 AustraliaFlag.png Australia MicronesiaFlag.png Micronesia
14 DenmarkFlag.png Denmark AustraliaFlag.png Australia
15 TongaFlag.png Tonga AndorraFlag.png Andorra
16 FinlandFlag.png Finland LibyaFlag.png Libya
17 MicronesiaFlag.png Micronesia DenmarkFlag.png Denmark
18 MontenegroFlag.png Montenegro SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia
19 IcelandFlag.png Iceland FinlandFlag.png Finland
20 CookIslandsFlag.png Cook Islands CookIslandsFlag.png Cook Islands

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