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Appearances 6 (2 finals)
First appearance SE1
Best result 1st: SE2
Worst result 14th (SF): #21

Chile has participated in Redditvision Song Contest 6 times. Its best result was in Redditvision Song Contest SE2 with "Tómame" by Francisca Valenzuela, which came 1st in the grand final and therefore won with 206 points.


Table key
  First place
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition User Language Artist Title Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate from #1 to #10
SE1 u/Lordie_Staven Spanish Gepe (ft. Wendy Sulca) "Hambre" Did not qualify 12 48
Did not participate from #11 to #20
SE2 u/Dugly_Uckling Spanish Francisca Valenzuela "Tómame" 1 206 2 88
#21 u/getdeezcookies English MUTO (ft. Oliver Dibley) "Tessellating" Did not qualify 14 52
Did not participate in #22
#23 u/Sam_Esc English Jorja Smith "On Your Own" Did not qualify 10 79
Did not participate in #24
#25 u/Jamie_on_Reddit English The Ambition "Thirty Thousand Feet" 10 128 4 138
Did not participate from #26 to #28
#29 u/boapessoa Finnish Lau Nau "Elina"